Compatibility update for Windows 10 v1903 solves installation issues

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Compatibility update for Windows 10 v1903 will auto-install on your PC

Windows 10 May update is haunting Microsoft for some time now.

We all know by now the plethora of problems that plagued Windows 10 v1903 update. From small visual issues, to big BSOD errors, this update went through it all.

Microsoft’s silent update improves the installation of Windows 10 v1903

It seems that now, after all this time, the big M is taking some precautions. After the mess that was Windows 10 build 18947, the company released a new silent update.

This time, it’s a compatibility update for installing Windows 10 v1903 that brings some improvements and makes the update process easier, or so it should.

The good and the bad thing at the same time is that the compatibility update will automatically install through Windows Update, so there’s no way to get your hands on it early or to block it.

The compatibility update will automatically install on your PC

Microsoft didn’t make a big deal out of this, as there’s not a lot of info about the update or the specific improvements that it brings.

The quiet release is a bit suspicious, but we’ll have to wait and see for the end result as the update will replace KB4504360.

So, if you’re rocking the KB4504360 right now, prepare for a quick change pretty soon.

Do you think the new compatibility patch will solve all the issues with Windows 10 v1903? Leave your answer in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.

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