Windows 10 May Update breaks Dynabook Smartphone Link app

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Windows 10 May Update Dynabook Smartphone Link issues

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Windows 10 May 2019 Update turned out to be one of the most anticipated updates of this year. This version introduced a long list of new features for Windows users.

Just like the last builds, Microsoft acknowledged some known issues in Windows 10 version 1903. The company listed all the known issues and bugs in the known issues section.

Some of these issues include Night light issues, brightness problems, duplicate folders issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth issues

The company also suggested some quick workarounds to resolve the issue. This article discusses an important issue that you may experience after installing Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Loss of functionality in Dynabook Smartphone Link app

Microsoft warns its users about an issue that may occur after installing Windows 10, May 2019 Update (version 1903). Microsoft says that the Dynabook Smartphone Link application may fail to function properly on updated devices.

Those Windows users who are using the affected devices may not answer phone calls and see phone numbers in the Call menu on their PCs.

Microsoft blocked Windows 10 version 1903 on devices with Dynabook Smartphone Link. The company plans to lift the compatibility hold when a fix will be available.

Quick Workaround

The company didn’t suggest any workaround to resolve the issue. However, Microsoft recommended its users that they should not attempt a manual update. Furthermore, they should avoid using the Media Creation Tool to download the update.

Microsoft is working to resolve the issue and the company promised that a permanent fix will be available very soon.

Therefore, it is better to wait for a stable release than download the update now.



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