Windows 10 S version 1804 spotted: April 2018 Update lands in May?

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windows 10 s spotted may 2018

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Microsoft was expected to roll out a new Windows 10 OS version in the second week of April. Unfortunately, the tech giant delayed the release due to a series of frequent BSOD issues. In a previous post, we pointed out that Microsoft could roll out the Windows 10 April Update on April, 30 but we’re no longer sure this will happen.

The latest Windows 10 build version that was supposed to fix all the annoying issues that prevented the first release is plagued by some severe issues of its own. Taken into account this situation, it’s clear that Microsoft needs more time to come up with new fixes and have Insiders test them.

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft may have changed its plans completely. Many users spotted a mysterious “Windows 10 S version 1804” build. It seems that there’s a driver update available for testing purposes for this Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 version 1804

Windows 10 S version 1804: What’s up with this version?

The current Windows 10 code for release is Windows 10 version 1803. Could Windows 10 S version 1804 point to the fact that Microsoft is significantly changing the initial Windows 10 April Update RTM code as well and is working on a new RTM version? This could mean that the company may soon replace version 1803 with this new mysterious version.

This hypothesis is not all that far-fetched if we take into account all the bugs and issues affecting the latest Slow and Release Preview releases. Clearly Microsoft messed up the code and could introduce a new RTM build candidate to make sure that the final OS version is stable and reliable enough for public release.

So, if Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 version 1804 as the new RTM candidate, this could push the release date to May. All of a sudden, this joke circulating on Twitter is not that funny anymore:

Something a friend of mine once joked about might actually become reality and I don’t know how to feel about that.
Version 1803 (March 2018)
Compiled in April 2018
Released in May 2018

It’s still unclear if Windows 10 S version 1804 also indicates that there’s a new Windows 10 version 1804 coming as well, so take all this information with a grain of salt. The code could simply indicate that the Windows 10 S version will be rolled out after the Windows 10 2018 Spring Update hits the general public.

However, this hypothesis seems to be confirmed by a recent tweet claiming that the Windows 10 April Update will actually land on May, 8. Again, take this rumor with a grain of salt as well.

windows 10 april update release date May 8

So, what’s your take on this possible Windows 10 version 1804? Is it an upcoming RTM candidate or a simple test driver update? Let us know in the comments below.



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