Windows 10 ditches Steps Recorder and introduces Xbox Game Recorder

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Windows Steps Recorder gave users the possibility of recording their screen and showcasing the precise steps taken up to a certain point in a time. While it wasn’t a tool most used, it was great when troubleshooting problems as it allowed users to show exactly what they did before an issue occurred.

Unfortunately for some that have grown fond of this tool, it is no longer available. Instead, Microsoft is betting on a new alternative called Xbox Game Recorder.  The original Steps Recorded feature could be accessed by pressing the Windows Key on your keyboard in combination with the G key. Now, issuing that command will invoke Xbox Game Recorder.

The service works similarly to Steps, but now also gives you the option of recording your screen and capturing your gameplay. Having a great gaming session? Capture your finest moments through Xbox Game Recorder and share them with your friends.

Something better

“Video or it didn’t happen” will become an obsolete phrase soon enough thanks to this nifty tool. If you weren’t aware of Steps Recorder, you have a chance at a do-over with its successor, which many will agree manages to do the job just fine with a little extra on the side. If you’re not interested in recording your screen frame by frame, you can always opt to take a screenshot instead or reduce videos to smaller game clips. These features are also part of Xbox Game Recorded.

This tool further adds to Microsoft’s efforts of maximizing the Windows 10 gaming experience. After a long period back in the Windows 8 era where the company had all but forgotten about this user spectrum, Microsoft made substantial advances for innovating PC gaming and even merging the Windows 10 and Xbox platforms, which it is still working on. Multiple smaller samples of that project are already live and running.


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