Windows 10 users on PC now get access to the Xbox Insider Hub

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It’s no secret that Microsoft is pushing really hard to see the eventual unification of its Xbox and Windows platforms. However, what many readers might not know is that Microsoft has officially brought the Xbox One Insiders platform to Windows, bringing more functionality and integration between the two platforms.

Those who like being a part of the Windows Insiders program might also like the thought of checking out the Xbox Insiders Hub, the same platform that was brought over from the Xbox One. Speaking of Xbox One, the PC version of the Xbox Insiders Hub runs just the same as its console iteration. This makes for a very smooth and fast transition since there’s no learning curve or getting used to for those that were already committed to the console version and want to check out the PC version.

As mentioned earlier, this is a true effort towards bringing the two platforms closer together and evidence for that is the fact that the new PC version of the Xbox Insiders Hub is built on Microsoft’s UWP.

So what does it do?

Being able to access something designed for the Xbox directly from your computer sounds cool, but is there any more functionality to it than that? Yes, there is, in fact! Users will be able to perform quite a number of tasks on the new Xbox Insiders Hub for PC. Some examples of this would be the fact that they are able to complete quests and participate in surveys. They are privy to the latest news popping up on the Hub and if they want to exit the Insiders program for Xbox altogether, they can do it from the PC version just as well.

Slow start

Users that are eager to try out the new Xbox experience for PC should be prepared for a less than optimal encounter. What that means is that the PC Hub for Xbox is still a little rough around the edges and the user experience still needs some polishing.

That being said, it’s probably just a matter of times before Microsoft gets it up and running at full capacity and offering the best experience. Those that don’t want to wait that long have the option of checking it out right now, as it’s available for download. Here is what Microsoft had to say regarding their newest release:

“Hello Insiders! Thanks for being among the very first to check out the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows 10 PC via the Xbox Insider Hub PC Beta! Pardon our dust as we are still in active development.”


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