Windows 10 Rolls to Xbox One Users this November

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All Xbox One users who are in Windows 10 preview program will soon get the full version of the system on their consoles. As we know for now, the update is scheduled to be available “over the next couple of weeks.”
Microsoft Will Start to Roll Out Windows 10 to Xbox One Users in November
In the official blog post on Xbox Wire website, Xbox’s director of program management, Mike Ybarra said that thu update is scheduled for November, and it will arrive for all Xbox One users.

Along with the new operating system, Microsoft will also launch the backwards compatibility for Xbox One, which means that players will be able to play Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One consoles. Ybarra also stated that the console will be “faster and more social than ever” when the update arrives.

“Integrating the speed of Windows 10, the New Xbox One Experience will get you to popular gaming features up to 50 percent faster,” he wrote. “Instantly start a party, see what your friends are playing, and get updates to your recently played games from Home with no wait time.”

Windows 10 comes to Xbox One users

Some of the most notable new features that the update will bring are a redesigned home screen, a community section for socializing, an “optimized” store for easier ways to find a certain game or app, and some new TV features, like the new OneGuide and picture-in-picture channel view.

Windows 10 update will bring some huge benefits to the Xbox Store, because developers will be able to bring their desktop and mobile apps to Xbox One, with cross-compatibility. Some companies, like Fitbit, have already prepared their apps for the Xbox One’s expanded store.

Ybarra also said that Windows 10 update will roll out to the preview members over time, starting with “members who have historically submitted the most feedback.”

So, Microsoft plans to release the update to one group of users, get needed feedback, and release the improved version, based on that feedback, to another group of users, and then collect feedback from them, and so on and so on. Preview members who are part of the next group will receive an invitation from Xbox Live to install the update. While, those who choose not to install it will still receive other preview program features and improvements.

So when you receive the update, Microsoft would appreciate your feedback, in order to bring as stable version as possible to other users, and you.

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