No need to worry about zero-day exploits on the latest Windows 10 version

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Latest version of Windows 10 protects against zero-days

Microsoft’s security experts recently confirmed that the latest Windows 10 version is more secure against zero-day exploits.

Thousands of malware and exploits are released online every day. This clearly means that your system is more vulnerable to those zero-day exploits if you are running old Windows OS versions.

According to security researcher Matt Miller, the latest version of Windows 10 is safe against 60% of vulnerabilities.

These results were obtained as a result of a zero-day vulnerability study that affected Windows systems between 2015-2019. Miller further observed that the release of Windows 10 reduced the frequency of exploitation attacks.

windows 10 zero day vulnerabilities

However, the rest of the attacks were launched in two cases. When organizations didn’t install the latest patches or Microsoft was late to release the necessary hotfixes.

Install one of these reliable antivirus solutions to prevent hackers from taking advantage of zero-day exploits.

Security updates land every month

This is not surprising as  Microsoft is continuously working to protect users against the latest vulnerabilities. The tech giant releases new security updates on a monthly basis.

As a matter of fact, the new updates bring many software and hardware compatibility problems for Windows 10 users. That is why many large companies avoid installing the early releases.

All in all, the big M should not rely on other security researchers to report such zero-day security issues. The company should adopt an effective approach to identify and resolve these issues internally before rolling out new OS versions to the general public.


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