Windows 10X for regular laptops, when is it coming?

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Windows 10X represents the bright future of the Windows operating system. But so far, Microsoft is only talking about how the OS works on dual-screen devices. There is no mention of the OS on MacBook, Lenovo, and other traditional laptops.

Developers are now testing Windows 10X on incompatible devices

There is no commercially available dual-screen laptop or tablet yet. The only similar device sporting that forward-looking form factor and running on Windows 10X is the Surface Neo. Too bad it is not shipping until December.

But developers have been curious to see how Windows 10X works on the Surface Neo. Microsoft recently satisfied their curiosity by releasing an emulator for the futuristic OS.

Only a few days since, developers have taken their prying to the next level, and they are now flashing Windows 10X on regular machines (non-dual-screen devices). They are getting interesting results.

Steve Troughton-Smith is one such developer. He installed Windows 10X on Surface Go, and based on the screenshot he posted on Twitter, it worked just fine.

The developer used the Windows 10X image that Microsoft released along with its emulator. The OS splits the device’s display into two, confirming that it is built for dual-screen gadgets.

It is not something you may want to try on your regular laptop or tablet, though, unless you have an excellent grasp of the risks involved and the prerequisite technical workarounds. In Steve’s case, the device did not install some drivers, such as WiFi and Touch.

So, unless you find a way to incorporate standard drivers into the Windows 10X image (pre-installation), your PC may have limited functionality even after a successful install. For example, your Surface Go may not connect to the internet, or you may not interact with the device via the touch screen.

There is yet another independent developer, “Imbusho,” who has successfully ported Windows 10X to MacBook. In a video posted on Twitter, the OS splits the laptop’s display into two, just like it should on a dual-screen device.

It appears that the developer is watching a music video on one side of the screen and running applications on the other. One can also fluidly move the video around the display.

Despite the growing user interest that Windows 10X keeps provoking, there is no telling when a version for all devices is coming.

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