Microsoft may have given up on Windows 10X

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • In the Surface event in 2019, Microsoft unveiled three new ambitious and surprisingly exciting projects.
  • Windows 10X has been envisioned to bring users an entirely new and unique experience thanks to the dual-screen feature.
  • It seems as though that Microsoft will not launch Windows 10X anytime soon, at least not in 2021.
  • An official announcement has not yet been received from Microsoft but one is expected to be released soon.

One of the most ambitious Surface event, as many would agree, took place in October 2019 and it was then when Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 10X.

Windows 10 is being used on more than 1.3 billion active devices for business purposes as well as personal and Microsoft has tried constantly to improve it.

Microsoft’s ambitious project Windows 10X would supposedly be able to create a unique experience for the user with the dual-screen implementation.

Windows 10X release has been postponed indefinitely

Microsoft stated at that moment that no learning curve will be needed for Windows 10X:

Fans of Windows 10 today will be able to use Windows 10X with practically no learning curve. The navigation and functionality will feel familiar and a Windows 10X PC will feel like a natural member of today’s Windows 10 family.

According to the latest report from Petri the Windows 10X plans have at least been postponed, and it will not launch as predicted.

Microsoft will not be shipping Windows 10X this year and the OS as you know it today, will likely never arrive. The company has shifted resources to Windows 10 and 10X is on the back burner, for now.

Looking back, Microsoft has more than once tried to make lighter versions of Windows 10 but without actually succeeding at it.

Although many looked at Windows 10X as a great revival of the OS, let’s not forget that one of the most major update is yet to take place for Windows 10.

The Sun Valley update has sparkled the interest for many and it should be great, considering how the other plans Microsoft announced had fallen off.

It may be a moment when the launching plans for Windows 10X will return but that will not be 2021 for sure. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the dedicated section below.

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