Surface Go touch drivers work on Windows 10X

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It is easy to see why many users cannot wait to get their hands on Windows 10X, which Microsoft has not released yet (as a finished product). According to the company, the OS will be delivering updates in less than 90 seconds. It boasts a superior architecture that enhances system security and efficiency.

No wonder intrigued independent developers are already showcasing to the world how Windows 10X apps might function on existing form factors.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has now posted a video on Twitter showing more than just a successful Windows 10X install on his Surface Go. In the clip, you can see how he is using touch to move apps around on the display. It confirms that the developer has finally got touchscreen drivers for the device working on an incompatible OS.

The demo builds on another he posted earlier with Surface Go touch drivers not working on Windows 10X. This time around, video acceleration is also working on the device.

You probably don’t want to install Windows 10X on an unsupported device

Developers are taking advantage of the recently released Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10X to explore its capabilities on different devices. They seem to be having a lot of fun toying around with the image of the OS on incompatible devices.

You probably do not want to do that with your Surface Go or any other regular laptop or tablet, unless you are a pro. Steve describes himself on Twitter as a game and app developer, and he seems to know what he is doing with his Windows 10X driver injections.

Keep in mind that you could lose your data and files after installing Windows 10X on the same partition as the existing OS. Also, it appears that getting all the firmware to work is no easy task even for a user with the required technical know-how.

For example, WiFi is still not working on Steve’s Surface Go despite all the effort. He has probably not injected the necessary drivers yet, but the entire install process sounds too daunting for an ordinary computer user.

Holiday 2020 is the scheduled launch date for the Surface Neo, Microsoft’s first Windows 10X-powered dual-screen gadget. Before then, maybe a generous developer will publish a comprehensive tutorial for getting the new OS to work correctly on pretty much any device.

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