Windows 10x will replace Cortana with a new voice assistant

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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new voice assistant replaces cortana

Windows 10X is what the majority of the Microsoft community is talking about now, and they just revealed that they are planning to release another feature: a brand new voice assistant.

Those that are fans of Windows 10‘s voice assistant Cortana will probably be sad to know this, but it seems that the change is for the better.

A new voice assistant will replace Cortana

In a job application posted by Microsoft in India spotted by this source, it appears that the software giant is looking for engineers.

Apparently, the chosen candidates will work with Microsoft’s accessibility team for a superior voice control experience in India. Another job requirement is that they have at least three years of coding experience in C ++.

Microsoft further added that:

Since this is a new application, the number of coding challenges is high: taking advantage of conceptual services for voice command and control, identifying interesting components in the context of the application, interacting with the entire desktop, interacting with 10X OS in new ways within the scope of security and integrity[…]

They later added that this new voice assistant will also act as a form of Assistive Technology.

No new details have been revealed about what Microsoft is planning with the new voice assistant. More so, there aren’t any mentions about any future developments for Cortana either.

Users are eager about Windows 10X’s release

Windows 10X is expected to launch later this year and power Microsoft’s own Surface Neo. This event is scheduled to happen during the holiday season of 2020.

Windows 10X is also expected to become the de facto OS for all of Microsoft’s future foldable devices.

Some exciting new features have already been revealed about this new OS, including a revised Start menu and an updated Action Center. and you can even test out some of the apps if you use an emulator.

In fact, some users have already started asking when will WIndows 10X be available for regular laptops and PCs.

What do you expect from the new voice assistant? Let us know about this improved version of Cortana in the comments section below.