Windows 11 may be facing problems with the broken Amazon Appstore on Android 12

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Amazon has been distributing some of its apps to Android devices.
  • Despite a long-known rivalry, some apps have been working on Android devices but is known not to keep up with the Google updates.
  • It now seems that the Amazon app store is not working on Android 12 devices.

Although Amazon is Google’s rival, its apps have been long distributed on Android devices and have been working perfectly.

While the relationship has been cordial at best, Amazon is notorious for not keeping up with regular Google updates.

It now seems that the Amazon app store is broken and won’t function on Android 12 devices. This has, in turn, caused a ripple effect, and Windows 11 users are now next in line as they may be soon experiencing issues.

Android devices hard hit

Users took to forums to report that they were experiencing issues accessing the Amazon app store.

According to the users, any app installed via the app store is not working, which is frustrating. Most users suspect that Amazon’s DRM is behind the problem that prevents app launching.

It is also possible that parts of the software were not correctly updated for Android 12 hence the isolated cases.

Worrying situation

If you have already upgraded to Windows 11, this situation can be a little worrying because Amazon is the basis for Android support on the OS. 

As the primary method to install android applications on Windows, this may not be the news android users who upgraded to the OS were expecting to hear.

Although you can still sideload APKs on Windows, it beats the reason behind Microsoft’s push to add android-support to Windows 11.

With Windows 11 fairly new, it begs the question of whether Amazon is fully capable of supporting future upgrades.

Downsides of the Amazon Store

Microsoft’s choice of Amazon app store instead of Google could pose implications in the future that may see the android-support be rendered redundant.

The decision to go for Amazon was business-based rather than performance-based. This introduces potential future problems with Windows 11 for users who want to have an android experience.

Microsoft has yet to release an official statement on these reports, so we can only wait and see the next cause of action.

Have you experienced any problems so far on Windows 11 when using the Amazon app store? Let us know in the comment section below.