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  • Trying to deliver a more immersive and customizable VR experience, Microsoft tweaks Mixed Reality for Windows 11.
  • The software will now feature more settings than users can modify to their liking, a lot more than on the previous OS.
  • As VR will be the future of technologically-based experiences we share with our OS, it's no surprise that companies are improving this area.
  • In this article you will find the necessary steps needed to access the settings menu for your Mixed Reality software. 
Mixed Reality Windows 11 settings

Microsoft’s virtual reality based user headquarters is also going to transition to the new operating system, as expected.

And since they are changing the way we interact with our PCs, and navigate through our system, the tech company has decided to be a bit more thorough with the settings for Mixed Reality.

Microsoft improves Mixed Reality control in Windows 11

With Microsoft’s plan to take users further into the future, with the help of their new operating system, it was pretty obvious that the company was going to tweak some of its trademark apps.

The tech giant is now giving users the ability to alter even more values than they previously could with Windows 10, for the Mixed Reality app.

Instead of the more basic and conservative settings panel that the application had on Windows 11’s predecessor, Microsoft has added some more choices.

The aim here is to significantly improve user experience, and deliver a much more personalized and immersive dive into the awesome world that is virtual reality.

Source: Reddit

This comes as no surprise, considering that the future of technology is, inevitable, the realm of virtual reality. This also applies to gaming, as developers are working non stop to deliver unforgettable experiences via VR.

Thus, having the ability to control more and more characteristics of your VR experience makes total sense.

Source: Reddit

How do I modify Mixed Reality settings?

As always, accessing the Mixed Reality settings is quite easy and is done via the Settings menu on your Windows 11 operating system.

  1. Click on the Search button on your taskbar
  2. Type Mixed Reality into the search box
  3. Click on App Settings

After modifying the settings to your desired standards, simply close the window and start the Mixed Reality application. Pretty easy right?

Have you used Mixed Reality on Windows 11 yet? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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