Insiders disagree with Microsoft’s claim to have improved multitasking on Windows 11

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  • There is huge controversy at this time surrounding the multitasking process on Microsoft's upcoming operating system. 
  • Although some users feel that it changed for the better, the great majority tends to disagree and say it actually got worse.
  • Snap layouts to help maximize efficiency, but this feature still doesn't work properly or at all for many of the Insiders.
  • Remember that Windows 11 is still in its testing period, so these kinds of bugs and glitches are somewhat normal, developers answered. 
windows 11 multitasking
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Ever since Windows 11 was first mentioned, some months ago, all the Redmond tech company could talk about is how it was going to improve the quality of life on this new OS.

We can all agree that a lot of effort went into the design and functionality of the upcoming operating system, but many argue that they can’t see any tangible results.

Even with some of the latest updates, the tech giant stressed how much work was put into taking multitasking to a whole new level when it comes to Windows 11.

However, as we mentioned above, Insiders that have neem actively testing each individual build, either for the Beta or Dev channel, are not at all pleased with the results and contest Microsoft’s performance results.

Users say that multitasking is even worse than before

Don’t get us wrong, there are lots of users that appreciate what Redmond officials are trying to do with Windows 11 and also understand that perfecting such software takes will take quite some time.

They have made it easier to arrange multiple applications on screen with the pop up on the maximize/minimize button and they’ve actually thought out virtual desktops a little more with pickup where you left off and some other stuff that was demoed in the introduction but those I haven’t tried (don’t have the set up for everything and haven’t been in tinker mode lately) and afaik that’s it.

But, for other people, most features of the nearly finished product don’t really function that well, or at all. Not to mention the functionalities that Microsoft eliminated in this transition from Windows 10 to 11.

We’ve been keeping an open eye for internet chatter on this matter, and we found that a great number of Insiders completely disagree with what the OS is turning into.

Threads such as this Reddit one, are full of users complaining about not being able to multitask efficiently on this operating system.

I am no longer able to drag items to and from different virtual desktops, they removed the visual cues when switching desktops via keyboard shortcuts because of performance issues it was causing, you cannot have win32 acrylic applications active in view with file explorer at the same time without massive explorer performance problems (fixed in dev, will likely still be broken in release).

In many cases, when we are talking about features that have been removed or aren’t available at this moment, the company said that this happened for performance reasons.

Nothing bad with that, until you try telling this to the Windows Insiders that are struggling with a slow and mostly unresponsive operating system.

Sure, snap layouts have been added, in order to allow you to efficiently partition and split your screen for maximizing efficiency and multitasking.

However, for many, this feature won’t work at all, or is broken and snaps your windows randomly, without any apparent pattern or error code.

Some of the other major reasons that get users so upset when mentioning multitasking and Windows 11 in the same sentence, is the fact that Microsoft removed the visual cues when switching desktops via keyboard shortcuts.

Another would be that we no longer can drag files into different apps open on our taskbar, or to the taskbar itself.

But, don’t get too upset just yet, because the Redmond-based tech giant might just ring this one back, considering the high number of requests registered on the Feedback Hub.

To add to the list of factors that mess up our multitasking processes on Windows 11 let’s not forget to mention that the OS is still laggy and its response times are ridiculous, for some Insiders.

This last one is mainly a result of the fact that Microsoft’s upcoming operating system is still in its experimental testing phase, until the 5th of October when it officially starts rolling out to compatible devices.

The important lesson here is that we are still dealing with preview builds for Windows 11 and jumping to conclusions now could be a mistake.

Indeed, certain core features are still buggy or won’t work, but we won’t know anything for sure until almost two weeks from now.

And even then, the OS will still be in its early days, with more important tweaks and fix updates on the way.

Microsoft vowed to maximize efficiency in these dar times, especially since some countries haven’t truly overcome the COVID-19 pandemic just yet, so hybrid work is still essential.

Because of this, the Redmond tech company decided to bundle up Teams with Windows 11 and added a lot of new and useful features to its conference app lately.

We’re talking about new phishing protection, the Word Cloud feature, walkie-talkie functionalities, and much much more.

This looks like they are taking steps in the right direction, and hopefully, when it’s all said and done, the vast majority of WIndows users will actually be pleased with the end result.

What’s your opinion on multitasking in Windows 11 so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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