5 best new open access areas for Windows 11 developers

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Windows 11 was officially revealed, and amongst a plethora of new and interesting features, Microsoft announced a new era for its platforms and OSs.

Some of the previously leaked changes were confirmed over the company’s event, but some things are completely new.

One good example is Windows 11’s requirements and features that are now official. While some of the new features sound very interesting, the removal of Skype and Paint 3D from Windows 11 might pose a problem for some users.

Microsoft wants to give developers more freedom

Another interesting finding is that Microsoft focuses a lot more on developers with its new OS. The goal seems to be making Windows 11 a completely open platform for all developers.

Obviously, this means a lot more apps that are better optimized and offer greater integration with the system.

Being such a big leap from past operating systems, the new partnership with developers begins with 5 key areas:

The new Microsoft Store

The great news here is that the new Store now offers support for Win32, .NET, and PWAs, as well as support for Android apps from the Amazon Store.

This means that a lot more of your favorite apps will soon find their way there. Furthermore, an improved design and new features are also present.

Maybe the most interesting thing for most developers is Microsoft’s new revenue sharing options:

You will also have more revenue sharing options, such as keeping 100% when you bring your own commerce platform for the Store for your app (this does not include PC games).

End-to-end web development is now better, alongside native apps.

In Windows 11, the tech giant also focused on its developer tools. The goal is a more seamless integration and faster performance:

With the new PWABuilder3, you can build a PWA from your web app in minutes. The evergreen WebView2 runtime is also included with Windows 11 making it easier to take advantage of its web platform as a performant and secure way to build hybrid web apps. Of course, you can continue to use powerful developer offerings like Windows Terminal and the new Microsoft Edge DevTools as they are now in-box.

The Windows App SDK (formerly known as Project Reunion) and the new ARM64 Emulation Compatible tool complete the list of useful tools that ca boost efficiency and help developers to create native apps easier.

Fluent design takes its place

WinUI3 is the perfect tool for developers to make apps that will look and feel just like they’re part of Windows 11.

Rounded geometry, refreshed iconography, new typography, and fun micro-interactions are just a few of the many features that can be of great help.

And that’s not all, because you can also use Reunion Windowing to easier manage your apps:

It works with your existing app code, simplifies common operations, and brings new functionality to your desktop apps like light-dismiss behavior, picture-in-picture mode, and easier titlebar customization.

Windows 11 is made for gaming

Lastly, the Game Development Kit (GDK) offers a simpler way to develop new games. In this kit, you’ll find common tools, libraries, and documentation needed to build amazing games with simpler steps and less friction.

GDK comes as part of the Game Stack collection offer by Microsoft to increase productivity and scalability of game developing. This combined with Auto-HDR promises to bring amazing gaming experiences for all users.

What do you think of all these new changes and the open path for developers? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk there.

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