Windows 11 tops the list in software used by most gamers

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • For the first time since its release, Windows 11 has earned a score with gamers, according to Steam's annual hardware survey.
  • Steam just released their annual survey on the operating systems its members use and Windows 11 is topping the list.
  • So far, the results seem promising for the OS that is barely six months in since its launch.

According to a January 2022 survey, it has been revealed that Windows 11 is still growing its presence in the gaming industry.

The release of Windows 11 seems to be having a positive influence on the operating system’s share on Steam. The OS launched back in October 2021 with enhancements like an improved interface and improved graphics for gamers.

More gamers are switching to Windows 11, according to the latest Steam Hardware & Software survey.

The increase in Windows 11 users isn’t very surprising given that Microsoft is offering the OS as a free upgrade to all existing Windows 10 users to selected devices for a limited period.

And while it’s just one report among many that track OS usage, it provides a look at how its adoption is progressing among gamers who are more likely to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer.

Big win for Windows 11

Windows 11 made the most gains this month with a nearly 4% increase in its overall usage on Steam resulting in 13.56% usage compared to December 2021’s survey results — where it took up 10.1%. 

Windows 10 dropped by 3.92% while Windows 7 rose by 0.49%. Intel also dropped to 68.93% in CPU share.

Headset share

Oculus Quest 2 was able to retain its top position with 46.02% on Steam’s headset share. Windows Mixed Reality dropped to 4.99% down from 5.69% in the previous year.

Onto matters GPU, NVIDIA dropped to 75.4% from the previous years, 76.83%. Meta is also shaking up the industry so it will be interesting to see how things pan out later in the year.

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