Windows 11 users can now install Android applications with ease

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The WSATools allows Windows 11 users to install Android applications with ease. 
  • The Windows Subsystem for Android should be installed in your PC to make the installation of Android apps seamless.
  • Microsoft might take down the WSATools.

It is quite evident that you can now easily access Android applications on Windows 11 now compared to before. The is a new tool that allows the users to install the apps by just one click.

The WSATools is an application that is in place in Windows 11 to make the installation process of these Android applications simpler. 

In June, an announcement was made categorically indicating the new features that have been incorporated to the new Windows 11 update. Microsoft accommodating Android apps on their operating system caught users by surprise. 

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is in collaboration with the Amazon App Store to ensure that they are able to avail these apps to the users. Users are yet to determine whether they can install third party apps that are not available on Microsoft Store. 

Although developers have come up with elaborate methods that users can use to access their favourite apps on Windows 11. This is regardless of whether the Android application is available in the Microsoft Store or not.

Installing WSATools

The first order of business is to ensure that the Windows Subsystem for Android is already installed on your device. It ensures that you are able to install Android applications on your device effortlessly. 

Once the Windows Subsystem for Android is installed onto your device, you can now download the WSATools. You can now install any app available on the Microsoft Store by just one click. 

The download files are labelled as ‘APK’. This is the file format used when users are downloading Android applications.

By clicking on the file that you have downloaded from Google will initiate the installation process. Similar to the installation process of any Windows 11 application on your device.

The beauty of all this, is that the application provides the same functionality as it would on a phone or tablet. 

However, Microsoft might take down this tool in the long run. You better enjoy it while it lasts. Moreso, if it is still being hosted by Microsoft Store. 

Independent developers are always on the move to ensure that Windows 11 users are able to make the most out of it. Just the other day, it seemed impossible to install an Android application on Windows.

Several of the iOS and iPadOS apps run perfectly well in macOS.However, some games like GTA Vice City encounter a bit of issues disrupting the gameplay. 

Microsoft is embracing a completely different approach when it comes to Android applications. However, the case would be completely different if Microsoft and Google made the move and granted official access to all Android applications.  

Android available on Apple

Apple on the other hand allows developers to choose whether the app should be installed in the Mac App Store or otherwise left to the iOS App Store. Microsoft could implement the same strategy with their developers.

However, it may cause conflict because of the current deal that they have with Amazon and App Store accessibility on Windows 11. 

Although this is just the beginning, Android apps installation was recently allowed in Windows. Developers have a long way to go before getting to where Apple is in the Android application process.

Are you able to install Android applications on your device? Let us know in the comment section below.