Windows 11 users will no longer have access to Microsoft’s WSATools

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Store will no longer allow Windows 11 users to install WSATools.
  • The Windows Subsystem for Android provides users with support to install Android applications. 
  • Users can now access Android applications thanks to the alliance between Microsoft Store and Amazon AppStore.

Microsoft just released an application that will allow users to install Android applications with a lot of ease. 

According to Microsoft, the Windows Subsystem for Android is currently in preview. Users on Windows 11 Insiders can now test how Android applications are running on the platform. 

Amazon AppStore formed an alliance with Microsoft. For the first time users can now access Android applications on Windows.

Although only 50 applications are available for preview, this is better than anything that has been experienced before. 

Eventually, the number of applications available for installation will grow and incorporate almost all applications available on Amazon App Store.users are growing impatient as they continue to anticipate when the official roll out will be. 

Windows Subsystem for Android

The Windows Subsystem for Android, provides its users with support to install any Android application onto their devices. However, this is as long as the app is not officially part of Google service. That said, it is possible to sideload apps to Windows 11. 

The WSATools also plays an important role in all this. It is in place to help users sideload APKs of Android applications to Windows 11. Many users will hop on the bandwagon to increase their chances of accessing Android apps using the tool. 

WSATools’ exit

However, Microsoft has since removed the application from the Microsoft Store. Users trying to install the application from the Microsoft store will notice that the status reads inactive.

The move might be Microsoft’s way of trying to maintain its link with Amazon. This might also mean that side-installers will also be affected by the move, regardless of whether the Windows Subsystem for Android is available widely. 

It may also be a way for Microsoft to regulate the number of applications that are available for use during the preview phase. The WSATools has been scrapped from the Microsoft Store and is not available for use. 

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