Windows 7 KB4103718, KB4103712 fix memory leaks and RDP bugs

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Windows 7 KB4103718, KB4103712 fix memory leaks and RDP bugs

Windows 7 recently received two new updates (KB4103718, KB4103712) this Patch Tuesday. Both updates actually feature the same bug fixes and improvements, the only difference is that KB4103718 is a cumulative update and includes all the improvements and fixes that were part of update KB4093113.

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Both KB4103718 and KB4103712 feature the exact same changelog:

  • Addresses an issue that may cause a memory leak on SMB servers after installing KB4056897 or any other recent monthly updates. This leak may occur when the requested path traverses a symbolic link, a mount point, or a directory junction and the registry key is set to 1: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\LanmanServer\Parameters\EnableEcp
  • Addresses an issue that may cause an error when connecting to a Remote Desktop server. 
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Windows apps, Windows kernel, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows storage and filesystems, HTML help, and Windows Hyper-V.

The updates are affected by a common bug that triggers stop errors on computers that don’t support Streaming Single Instructions Multiple Data Extensions 2. Microsoft is working on a fix but doesn’t plan to roll it out this month.

Most likely, the hotfix will be available on June’s Patch Tuesday.

Apart from this known issue, users have not reported any other bugs.

So, it seems that KB4103718 and KB4103712 and stable updates and don’t trigger any severe issues such as system freezes, BSOD errors and other similar problems.

Have you installed Windows 7 Monthly Rollup KB4103718 and KB4103712 on your computer? Did you encounter any bugs? Let us know in the comments below.


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This is the error that came up when connecting to a remote server via Parallels Client:

I’m using Windows 7 trying to connect with a Windows 10 machine. Uninstalling the particular updates is the only solution for now. By the way, can someone provide tips on how to improve the performance of the connection using Parallels? It’s unbearably slow especially when you download a file (took 2–3 min before the download box appears).

This update causes prevents you from RDP’g into another machine unless it has certain unidentified updates installed. Real showstopper that has cause the loss of hundreds of hours of work at my company.