Windows 7 EOS: How many users will switch to Mac?

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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While Windows is still the most dominant PC Operating System (OS) today, Apple has an opportunity to put a dent to that dominance with the End of Support for Windows 7 coming to pass on January 14, 2020.  Windows 10 is not the only option most enterprise users are evaluating at the moment. This means that the Microsoft’s competitor might reap big time if a significant number of business organizations migrate to the Mac environment.

The Windows 10 migration rate across different industries, from transport and retail to the public service and entertainment, has been slow for a while. Reports suggest that about 30% of enterprises and organizations will keep using Windows 7 and postpone the migration for as long as possible.

As such, there’s no better time for Apple to take advantage of Windows 7 end of support and expand the market share for its Mac platform.

Just how many Windows 7 devices can Mac replace?

Nobody expects all the roughly 250 million current Windows 7 users to move to Apple’s OS right away once Microsoft ends support for the OS. But third a billion PCs present a massive potential for the growth of Mac’s market share. This notion has the backing of cost analysis, statistics, and a stronger enterprise user preference for Apple platforms.

Several factors may influence users (at least in their tens of thousands) to transition from Windows 7 to iOS or Mac platforms. For starters, hanging on to Windows 7 beyond its EOS may cost an organization up to $200 per device in extended Microsoft support fees. So, enterprises that don’t wish to move to Windows 10 right away may opt for a cheaper but technically viable option like an iPad or a Mac PC.

Also, research indicates that most workers prefer to use Apple products if available. As such, organizations seeking to attract and retain a highly productive workforce may have to offer iOS or Mac devices as an option.

Mac sales soared in 2019, and the increased appetite for Apple technologies as Windows 7 popularity declines may be what the company needs to take its PC market share to the next level.

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