Windows 7 and Microsoft Edge are losing market share

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A new month just began, and this means that we have a brand new opportunity to analyze the latest figures regarding Microsoft’s progress with its current desktop operating system compared to older versions ranging from 8 to 16 years.

We’ll get right to the point and tell you that the progress is disappointing and Windows 10’s market share only grew 0.17% from 29 September to 29.26%.

This has been the case since the company stopped making the operating system available for free to Windows 7 users.

Windows 7 also drops

Windows 7 is still the largest operating system, and it also fell in terms of share from 47.21 to 46.63%.

Windows XP, on the other hand, grew 0.78% to 6.47% on the market and this was quite interesting to find out. As we already said Windows 10 is growing, but it’s doing it pretty slowly.

Microsoft Edge’s market share declines too

Microsoft’s browser seems to have reduced in use in the last couple of months despite all the improvements that came with the Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft Edge is now only 4.58% down from 5.15% in September. A while ago Microsoft claimed that the browser had 330 million users, but now it seems that even the most enthusiast users are not that enthusiastic about trying out the browser.

Potential solutions for growing market share

As a conclusion, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft really needs to do more with both its operating system and its browser if the company actually wants to make some real visible progress on the market.

Some positive actions could include making free operating system upgrades available and adding the Edge application to the Microsoft Store in order to allow more frequent updates to it.



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