Windows 8.1, 10 Xbox News App gets Performance Improvement Update

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Use the Bing News app in Windows 8.1 to follow your favorite stories

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The Xbox News app comes pre-installed on all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 units sold and it’s part of its core built-in apps. Microsoft has updated the Windows 8.1 app with what seems to be an performance upgrade.

bing news windows 8.1

Use the Bing News app in Windows 8.1 to follow your favorite stories

Microsoft continues to update its built-in Windows 8.1, after it has recently given a serious overhaul especially to the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps, but also updating Windows Reading List and others. Now, it’s time for the Bing News to receive an updated in the Windows Store. As of now, Microsoft hasn’t made available the release note details but we resort to the Windows Store reviews for that.

According to what users are saying, the app is now faster and doesn’t take so much to load as it did for some. Actually, I recall that the Bing News app felt a little bit sluggish for me after making the update to Windows 8.1. And now I can confirm myself that the app is now faster, which means performance improvements have been put in place by Microsoft.

The beautiful, photo-rich Bing News app makes it easy for you to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world. Designed for Windows, the News app puts control at your fingertips. Swipe through for a quick read of the headlines. Go deep with personalized coverage of the topics you’re passionate about. Or, search the day’s stories from your choice of trusted sources from around the world.

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Most likely, a few bugs have been fixed in this minor update, as well. If you are looking for some reliable news app for your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 device, you could have a look at our top with the best there are in the Windows Store, as well. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the News app comes with Windows 8.1, and you will receive updates automatically if you have chosen. Nonetheless, follow the link from below to find the updated Bing News app in the Windows Store.

Download Bing News app for Windows 8



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