Apple Users Ask for Windows 8.1 Boot Camp Support

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Many late 2013 Retina MacBook and iMac users request Boot Camp support for Windows 8.1
windows 8.1 boot camp support
We’ve just reported that many Apple users have been complaining on the forums that they don’t manage to install Windows 8.1 on their late 2013 Retina MacBook laptops through BootCamp. Many of them are blaming the fact that BootCamp currently doesn’t support Windows 8.1, but only Windows 8 and are asking for specific drivers to be updated.

A number of threads have been started on Apple’s support forums for Windows-related products and here are some of the complaints the users have reported:

  • When will Bootcamp support Windows 8.1?
  • Apple… Do we have any kind of timeframe on this?
  • Supposedly I have a ticket logged with Engineering on this issue.  They said normally it’s 24-48 hours to hear back, but that volume was extra high due to the new releases…
  • we need new bootcamp for win8.1 !!! now my iMac is very instable !!!!!!   Apple !!! where you are ???

But, in the same time, there are users that haven’t experienced any issues, at all:

I had windows 8 installed through boot camp on my 2011 mac book air, and had no troubles. Updating to windows 8.1, there were a lot of issues, especially no track pad support, so I couldn’t even right click without a mouse. I just ended up uninstalling boot camp and filled my SSD to just OSX. I’m installing windows 7 instead right now, besides windows 7 is better for any device without a touch screen.

Some users have had issues running Windows 8.1 via BootCamp on the new iMacs, as well. For many, the BootCamp Assistant tool manage to do wonders. I’ve did a little digging and found this page from Microsoft that you can use and see whether it might might contain helpful advices – Using Boot Camp to install Windows and the dev tools on your Mac.


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