Windows 8.1 Will Have Fingerprint Password Support

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Amongt the many new features found in Windows 8.1, we also find the fingerprint support; read below to discover more about it

There are still many things left to be discovered in Windows 8.1 and one of them is quite interesting – the fingerprint support. Microsoft has even demoed this innovative feature at one of its TechEd events, earlier this month. Check out the video below with the fingerprint support for more details on this. We didn’t manage to find any significant clues to fingerprint support in the Windows 8.1 update so far (after a lot of annoying errors, that is).

But recently, Validity Sensors Incorporated, one of the leaders in authentication fingerprint sensors, has announced that Microsoft has partenered with them to include fingerprint sensors support inside Windows 8.1. Apparently, Microsoft even showed this feature at the Build event, but we didn’t manage to catch that, unfortunately.

You can use fingerprint readers inside Windows 8.1

Of course, Windows 8.1 will have support for fingerprint password, but this doesn’t mean all computers will get it. In order to establish a fingerprint security password, your Windows 8 computer will have to be equipped with the necessary tools. In our case, we are fingerprint reader windows 8.1talking about Validity Natural ID fingerprint sensors, but I guess more companies in this field will soon also announce partnerships with Microsoft.

Naturally, this is a feature aimed at a niche user base, especially at business users. Fingerprint passwords represent an extra security measure used also in online transactions and data protection. Dustin Ingalls, Partner Group Program Manager for Windows Security & Identity at Microsoft and Michael Maia, vice president of sales and marketing at Validity said the following:

Fingerprint biometrics are integral to the 8.1 user experience. Validity’s Natural ID products provide the performance and design flexibility required by our notebook, tablet, handset, and desktop all-in-one customers, and our joint collaboration assures a seamless integration for products that work perfectly right out of the box.

Validity is engaged with every major PC company in the world and fully supports Microsoft’s biometric authentication initiatives with a complete system solution. With over 40 million units shipped into Microsoft Windows platforms, we are pleased to be partnering closely with Microsoft to ensure that our customers continue to receive products with the highest levels of security and usability with our next-generation sensors.

You will need a fingerprint sensor to be able to use this feature. In the picture above you see one possible model. By bringing the fingerprint support in Windows 8.1, Microsoft is definitely going to impress enterprise users.


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