Windows 8.1 Update Erases History of Played Games

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Microsoft users have taken their anger to the Community Forums where they express their frustration with the latest Windows 8.1 Update which apparently botches their saved games, completely erasing all the history of saved games. As if problems during the installation itself weren’t enough…
windows 8.1 update
Microsoft has officially started rolling out the Windows 8.1 Update on April 8, yes, on the same day when extended support for Windows XP had ended. Many have rushed to download the update by using the built-in Windows Update or by manually downloading all the KB files. But, as expected, plenty of errors have started to appearing and here at Wind8Apps we’ve decided to cover some of the most annoying ones, hoping that there will be a fix released or that we could come up with some solutions.

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The problem with saved games was present when Windows 8.1 was released, as well, so if you have been experiencing such problems in the past, then you already know what to do and how to prevent this. This time, however, it seems that desktop games aren’t as affected as the history of games from the Windows Store. Here’s what one frustrated user is saying:

After receiving a huge Windows 8.1 update last night, I noticed that all the AlphaJax games that I was playing and all the history of the played games were gone. Is there some way to get those back?

And going throught the Microsoft community forums, I’ve seen that there are others with similar problems. The affected user is also saying that he has Windows 8.1 Update installed on his two computers and while they are synchronized, only one of them has lost the history of games. The single thing that you can do, if you already have lost your history of saved games is the following:

  • Go to System Restore by typing Recovery in the Search bar
  • Choose “Restore your PC to an earlier point in time”
  • Choose a moment prior to the Windows 8.1 Update install

If you haven’t installed yet the latest Windows 8.1 Update, make sure that you back up your saved games, just in case.


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