Annoying: Windows 8.1 Update Makes Windows Activation Impossible

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Plenty of issues are affecting those who have installed or trying to install the latest Windows 8.1 Update, such as issues during the installation process, issues with saved games and even slowing down of some Windows 8.1 systems. And here’s one more, but it’s obviously no the last of them.
activate windows 8 update 1 problems
Many of those who have been experiencing various error codes while installing the latest Windows 8.1 Update has also reported that their Windows 8.1 has been “deactivated”, even if the users are sure they’re running a completely genuine version. So, therefore, this should serve as a warning for those who’re running on pirated version of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. By no means am I trying to promote a cracked version, but if you’re on one, then you need to know what updates to install and what not to.

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Once the operating system boots again after the Windows 8.1 Update has been installed, the user is required to reactivate Windows 8.1 but the process is impossible, as if you were running a botched version of Windows. This is a major problem, as users are being left with a Windows version set to expire in 30 days. Obviously, the most immediate solution would to try and uninstall the KB files that came with the update, if this is possible, at all. Here’s what one of the users in question has been saying:

I’m having the same problems. I have three notebook computers running 8.1, and the update worked fine on two and not on the third. The two that worked (one Lenovo and one other) were both originally installed as upgrades from Win 7. The one that isn’t working (another Lenovo) was a new license install. I’ve tried many of the attempted remedies noted here, most recently using a restore point from 3/29 (successfully) and then, after installing a few interim updates, the Windows 8.1 Update downloaded and failed on install again (for perhaps the 15th time). At this point, I’m inclined to wait for Microsoft to fix this up.

At the moment, besides uninstalling the update files and contacting Microsoft support, apparently there isn’t a working fix yet. However, we will keep an eye on this and if we find a solution, we will definitely update the piece to help you out if you to have been struck by this annoying problem. If you happen to know of a solution, do share it with the community.

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