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Amazon has its very own official app released in the Windows Store and recently, a new update has been made available. The app is one of the first important apps to have been released for Windows 8 users, but this seems to be the biggest update since the release.
windows 8 amazon app
We have given a full review of the Windows 8 Amazon app quite a while ago, so go ahead and read it if you want to know more details. Since the app was launched in the Windows Store, not too many updates have been caught by our team, but it seems that there has been a pending one that I didn’t notice so far. You should download the app right away if you are an Amazon customer.

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The Amazon buying experience on your Windows 8 tablet

The Amazon app allows you to quickly make purchases, search, compare prices, read reviews, and share products with friends using a simple yet elegant interface. Shop just as you do on the web. You can access any of Amazon’s sites around the world from a single app by simply selecting your desired Amazon country store or shipping destination. You have full access to your existing cart and wish lists. Search for products using the Amazon app, and easily add them to your shopping cart to purchase. (Note: the app uses the Amazon search engine, which is a non-Microsoft commerce engine.) All purchases made on Amazon are routed through our secure servers just as they are on the web.

The release note say only the following about the update – performance improvements, but I’ve went through the feedback in the Windows Store and have seen that a good number of bugs have been squashed. First of all, it seems that many were having login issues, even if the account was valid. The latest update fixes this problem. Also, at times, browsing for products was also slow, but the app is now faster and more stable.

We have recently also shared with you another update of an important Amazon app – Kindle. As for this app, download it and start enjoying a pristine quality of the Amazon retail experience on your Windows 8 tablet.

Download Amazon for Windows 8

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