Annoying: Windows 8, 10 App Web Pages Automatically Open the Windows Store

Radu Tyrsina By: Radu Tyrsina
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A rather annoying change has occurred after a set of updates delivered by Microsoft in Windows 8.1. Now, the Windows 8.1 store automatically launches when loading app pages in browser, which is obviously meant to drive more people to the Windows Store.
windows 8.1 store
Working with a lot of Windows 8 apps every day, I open a lot of web pages with the apps as I need to research about the developer, related apps and so on. Recently, I’ve discovered that whenever I open a webpage of a certain Windows 8 app it automatically opens the Windows Store with the location of the app.

Thus, the small “View in Windows Store” button on the left side of the screen is now gone, which for me personally is rather annoying. I liked much better the way it previously was because I could control whether I wanted or not to open it in the Windows Store. Now, I am stuck with this and I don’t like it.

The same behavior happens on all major browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. At least this is what it does for me. The specific Windows Store location launches without even prompting for a user-defined action. Of course, for those looking for a specific app in their browser, it is useful as it reduces the time between searching and downloading the application. But for folks like me it’s utterly useless.

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