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With the release of the latest Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft has realized that desktop users can no longer be ignored and has come up with some much need keyboard and mouse improvements. Now, in a recent interview, a top Microsoft executive has confirmed that modern Windows 8 apps are coming to the desktop
windows 8 apps to desktop
There are many complaints with regards to Windows 8 and many folks actually hate the new Windows version. Speaking recently to Mary Jo Foley from Zdnet, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of unified operating system group, has shared some details with regards to where is Windows heading and what’s next. As you probably know, Microsoft has unveiled the “One Windows” strategy and vision which brings a refreshed approach especially since a new CEO has been named. Incidentally, SkyDrive has been renamed into OneDrive, as well.

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During the interview, Myerson said that legacy apps on the desktop will be part of Windows in the future, but there will be Windows versions with a different approach. He also hinted that a new Windows on ARM variant could be on the cards. Another interesting detail which was revealed by Myerson is the fact that modern Windows 8 apps are coming to the desktop user interface in the near future. Here’s what he shared:

We actually value using the desktop. I feel highly productive using it. It’s very familiar to me. We plan — (as) we talked about at the Build conference — to bring modern apps to the desktop. We are going to have machines that have a great desktop experience. It (the desktop) is also not the right experience for a phone or a tablet. And so how the Windows experience spans these form factors and is familiar across them — that’s what we need to deliver if we’re going to delight people in the whole ecosystem. The desktop is part of our future. It’s absolutely core to Windows.

Option to pin Windows 8 apps to desktop is coming

Since the desktop user interface and the Modern mode work separately, there isn’t currently an easy way to pin modern Windows 8 apps to the desktop, so this feature will apparently be enabled in the future. Speaking of Windows RT, Myerson seemed pretty confident and said that it definitely has a future thanks to chipmakers like Intel. Speaking more of the concept of “One Windows”, the executive said the following:

I think the most important thing is the one developer platform across the Internet of things, phone, tablet, PC, Xbox, PPI (Perceptive Pixel touch displays), the cloud. One coherent, consistent excellent place, one way for developers to target the Windows ecosystem and delight our customers.

And Microsoft has already taken some important steps toward this direction with universal apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox that have been announced at Build 2014.


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