Microsoft to Start Removing Cloned, Spam Windows 8, 10 Apps from the Store

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One of the most annoying things when searching for Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store is that you find so many spam and utterly useless apps that are no good at all. Most of them are either copied or simply represent “junk” apps. Apparently, Microsoft will start the fight against them.
windows 8 spam apps
The above screenshot represents the search results when you try to find the Instragram app for Windows 8. Just like many other important apps, it hasn’t been officially released by Instagram, but there are many third-party developers who take advantage from this and release their own apps, hopping to get as many downloads as possible. These are the so called Windows 8 spam apps and you will encounter them whenever you try looking for an important app that hasn’t been yet released. And this scenario expands to games available in the Windows Store, as well.

Recently, the problem of spam and cloned apps from the Windows Store has been put into discussion recently when Jonathan Blow has called out a trio of Braid clones featured in the Microsoft Windows Store. The free games – “Breid,” “Braidy Jump,” and “Brady’s Adventure” were even promoted by Microsoft’s official Surface Twitter account.

The above-mentioned games are using assets which Blow created for Braid and this is a clear indication that Microsoft should improve the approval procedures for newly submitted Windows 8 apps. Speaking to the VG247 publication, Microsoft said that it will “act expeditiously” when it comes to developer complaints about games sold via its the Windows Store that may use, copy or clone content.

Microsoft respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and we ask that developers who distribute apps via our Store ensure their apps do not infringe the intellectual property of others. Microsoft provides an easy online process for developers to notify us if they believe their works are being infringed. Upon receipt of a complete notice, we act expeditiously to review the complaint and remove the app in appropriate circumstances.

I’ve just checked in the Windows Store and found out that all three games are still available for download, without any issues, at all. And they aren’t even well-designed. Let’s hope that Microsoft will start taking action and we will soon have a cleaner and more useful Windows Store.


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