Euronews App for Windows 8, 10 Gets Some Minor Improvements

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At the end of February, this year, we exclusively informed you that the official Euronews app had been launched in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users, as well as Windows RT. Now, I’ve seen that the app has received a small improvement.
euronews windows 8 app
When checking which Windows 8.1 applications have received updates in the Windows Store, I’ve been prompted to download and install an update for Euronews. As I have previously informed you in the first article detailing the launch of Euronews, it was mentioned that a future update would bring the much-needed live-streaming feature to Windows 8 users, new programs and new languages. This update doesn’t bring these new features, but rather focuses on some minor improvements.

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Euronews for Windows 8 gets some small changes

Euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe, covers international news in 13 languages. With 400 journalists from more than 30 nationalities, Euronews offers a unique, independent and totally impartial perspective on world events.

What I visually observed to be different than the first version of Euronews for Windows 8 is the fact that when you now open the app you will be greeted with a message saying: “most-watched news channel in europe”. Besides this, from what I could tell, the videos seem to load much faster than before, not that they were loading slow with the first release.

Also, when hitting the refresh button, new stories also seem to appear quicker than before. And something else that I’m not quite sure off, as it was sent in by one of our readers, the app size seems to have decreased. So, if you want to get the latest coverage in a pristine quality, follow the link from below and get Euronews on your Windows 8 devices.

Download Euronews app for Windows 8


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