Windows 8, 10 ING Bank App Receives Important Update

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Users of the Windows 8 ING Bank need to get the latest version as it has been updated with new features and some bug fixes have been put in place. Find below more details about it.
windows 8 ing app
Currently, there are only two official ING banking apps in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users. There’s one for residents of the Netherlands and one for users from Canada (links to both of them at the end of this article). However, more apps will soon make their way from ING. But, for now, let’s focus on the update that the dutch version of ING, ING Bankieren, has received.

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Manage your finances in Windows 8 with the ING app

By using the official ING app for Windows 8 users, you can do the following once inside: transfer money, use your current and savings accounts, check your balance, view transactions and Credit Card details. The app is free to use can you can log into your account using the provided mobile PIN. As for the update, here are the new features it brings:

  • check details of your Credit Card and a possible extra (partner) Credit Card
  • check your Credit Card transactions up to 15 months back
  • in case of spread payments, easily make overpayments
  • see your current interest rate and total amount of interest

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ING also said the following:

Some users of the app experienced problems when going to the section for transferring money. This problem has been solved. The app provides you with your Credit Card balance and payment limit, as a list ánd as a graphic. You can check your transactions, your repayments, your remaining credit and your reservations. But also overpay in case of spread payments. This way you are always up-to-date with the amount you have spent and can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Those of you residing in Canada or Netherlands can follow the link from below to download the apps. The rest of us will have to wait, just like we do with the official Amex Windows 8 app.

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