HP Launches New Windows 8 Point of Sale Systems [MWC 2014]

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HP is one of the biggest Windows 8 presences at this year’s Mobile World Congress from Barcelona, having launched some new Windows 8 tablets and the first Windows 8.1 64-bit Windows 8.1 tablet, as well. Now, I’ve just been informed that they have released a new point of sale.
hp windows 8 point of sale systemSmall or medium business users, such as those owning restaurants, bars and others, are interested in the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 point of sale systems as these can help them improve their business and better communicate and interact with their customers. HP is well aware of that and that’s why it took to occasion to silently unveil some new Windows 8 POS systems, since they aren’t devices that everybody is interested in, being targeted at a niche audience.

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HP launches new Windows 8 POS systems

HP has launched the TX1 POS system which works with HP’s own Windows 8 tablets, such as the ElitPad 1000, from what we’ve been able to understand, andhp elite pad pos windows 8 it is able to capture a signature from the customer. It’s not a contactless and cashless form of POS, as it also has a printer for receipts and a cash drawer. The TX1 POS will be released in May, but we don’t know its price at the moment.

I am not sure at this point wheter the TX1 POS is the same with the HP ElitePad Mobile POS Solution, as there was no mention of the first one on HP’s website, so excuse me beforehand for the potential mistake. So, the second one seems to be centered on the ElitePad tablet, obviously, and it comes with the following features: 1D/2D barcode imaging scanner, price check, inventory search, the ability to scan items for sale. The device itself has been launched in October 2013, so I guess this is an update or just HP hasn’t update the information on their website.


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