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The 2014 Mobile World Congress from Barcelona has ended and we’re back to resume our work on Wind8Apps! As another week as come to an end, it’s time to highlight the Windows 8 apps and games that has been discounted as part of the Red Stripe Deals
windows 8 red stripe deals
In case you have missed the Windows 8 Red Stripe Deals for the past week, here’s what goodies were expecting you in the Windows Store – CookMe Pro: Your Cookbook cooking app, Ruzzle word game, Pirates! Showdown RTS game, Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix Full adventure game, Flight Unlimited Las Vegas and Babel Rising 3D. Maybe some of these still retain the discounted price as I saw this happen several times with some titles. For this week’s Windows 8 Red Stripe Deals, we have some apps that we have actually talked about in the past. So, let’s have a brief look at them.

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Windows 8 Red Stripe Deals this week

  • Field & Stream Fishing [$2.49] – one of the best fishing game currently available for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users in the Windows Store. To learn more about it, read our review that we did on it. If you’re into hunting, as well, check out the really cool Big Buck Hunter game, too.
  • KVADPhoto+ Pro [$1.99] – despite the fact that it has a somewhat terrible name, this is one of the best image processing applications in the Windows Store. Your Windows 8 device becomes a fantastic photo editing studio after installing it.
  • Doom and Destiny [$1.49] – a really great roleplaying game that is somewhat similar to SNES RPGs that is currently available for a discounted price. We have previously given a review to it, so go ahead and read it to learn why it has such a great rating on the Windows Store.
  • Tap ‘n’ Pop [$1.99] – there is a plethora of puzzle games available in the Windows Store and this one is a new addition that you will thoroughly enjoy. Your job consists in popping balloons and having lots of fun while doing it.
  • IM+ Pro [$2.49] – we’ve spoke about the popular Instant Messenger app several times in the past, and we also covered some important updates that it has received. Now the ads-free version is available for half the price, so don’t hesitate and get it if you need something to manage all your social accounts.
  • Rescue Team 2 [$1.49]- a really cool Windows 8 adventure game with nice graphics where you have to take control of a rescue team and respond to disasters. Are you up to the task?

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