Discounted Windows 8 Apps & Games This Week #12

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February’s coming to an end and we’re presenting you the last Windows 8 Red Stripe Deals from this month as the next one will already land in March. I hope you have enjoyed the Windows 8 discounted games and apps from last week, as it’s time to welcome six new titles now.
windows 8 red stripe dealsFor the past week, we have featured the following discounted Windows 8 apps and games in the Windows Store – Plex, Recipe Keeper, Billminder, Riptide GP2, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden and Fishdom 3: Special Edition. For this week, we have yet another Windows 8 cooking app, a really cook word game, a touch-optimized Windows 8 flight game, two cool strategy games and one adventure game. So, without further ado, let’s see some more details about what the Windows Store team has prepared for us

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Windows 8 Red Stripe Deals for this week

  • CookMe Pro: Your Cookbook [$1.99] – now with a discounted price, you can get another Windows 8 recipe and cooking app; but if you don’t think it’s worth the two bucks, then you can try out the free trial.
  • Ruzzle [$1.49] – this is one of the best word games that you will play, thanks to its specific or having a fast gameplay. You can also check out WordTwist, Adlib and Wordament.
  • Pirates! Showdown [$1.49] – this is one of the best games for Android tablets that’s now available for Windows 8 slates. A cool RTS pirates gaem, it comes with a fast-paced game along with cool defense tactics.
  • Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix Full [$2.99] – Windows 8 adventure games are really awesome and look great on tablets. This one too comes with stunning graphics and an interesting gameplay that will keep you entertained.
  • Flight Unlimited Las Vegas [$2.49] – touted as one of the best flight simulators for iPhone and iPad users, it now gets launched for all of you flight lovers. You can also check out flight simulator game ‘F18 Carrier Landing’ and Microsoft’s Cold Alley.
  • Babel Rising 3D [$1.49] – a really cool Windows 8 strategy game that lets you play the role of God. The game has been available for other platforms and now it has been released for Windows 8, as well.

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