Vitalyst Launches Windows 8, 10 Remote Support App

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Vitalyst is one of the best providers of expert application and device support for business users, and it now has released a new Windows 8 App which acts as a Remote Support tool for anything related to Microsoft products. Read below for more details.
remote support app windows 8
Users who have just made the switch to Windows 8 or the latest Windows 8.1 are probably facing many issues in their accommodation with the latest Windows version. Vitalyst, one of the best support companies in the IT field, knows this and wants to help them out. That’s why they’ve launched their very first and single Windows 8 app which will serve as a remote support tool for those in need. It will even come with some features that will make it similar to TeamViewer for Windows 8 and others.

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While the app is completely free to download and to use, you will need to have a current subscription to Vitalyst support services. If you’re part of a company, you might have one. However, you can use it individually as you will be asked to pay for your support call with the Credit Card and you won’t have to sign up for a subscription, neither. You will received help from Vitalyst experts in anything that concerns Windows 8, Office applications, and various Windows 8 devices.

windows 8 remote support app

Store up to three personal contact numbers. Click the Call Me button next to the desired number to quickly create a telephone call with a Vitalyst application expert. Displays the support number to call Vitalyst directly from your phone.

To be able to benefit from the support service, you will need to add your telephone number so that Vitalyst experts could call you back. While the app doesn’t mention it, it can allow the person assisting you to take over your screen and show you the steps that you need to take to fix your problem. However, what we don’t know right now is whether there will be a fee, even if your issue hasn’t been solved. Speaking of the launch, Jim Tate, client solutions director for Vitalyst said the following:

Within the corporate help desk arena, there is a lot of focus now on driving employees to self-help, but this isn’t the right answer for many situations. There are many business situations that require the assistance of a live expert-level support person, and we know this because we take these calls all day, every day. Busy, highly-mobile professionals don’t have the time to search online or access internal portals when they have an urgent need. This Windows 8 Help app linking to immediate live support provides the help they need when they need it, at the tap of a tile.

You can add up to three contact numbers in the app and there’s also a special 800 dial number that you can use. So, if you feel like you could benefit from such an application, then go ahead and download it from the Windows Store.

Download Vitalyst Windows 8 Help App