World’s First Windows 8.1 Smart Touch TV Announced

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When it comes to Windows 8, what comes to our mind when thinking of it are computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. But now, Apek, a Brazilian company, has announced what they say it’s the world’s first Windows 8 smart touch TV.
windows 8.1 smart touch tv
The new Apek Maxpad series consists in a new range of smart TVs, available in 39, 50 and 63.5-inch screens with full-HD multi-touch screens and powered by AMD A10 APU based PCs. The processor runs at 3.8GHz and packs Radeon HD7660 graphics. As for the RAM, the spec sheet says it comes with a 8GB DRDR3 model, expandable up to 64. It’s quite a power, house, as we can see.

It comes on the inside with a solid-state drive of a 60 GB capacity and a hard disk drive with 500 GB of storage. It also works as a DVR, as you can store TV broadcasts there, as well. Albeit it’s being promoted as a smart touch TV, this is actually more of an all-in-one PC with television features.

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The Maxpad comes with a multi-function remote control that lets you rewind TV programmes, search for images, draw, and share files on social networks. You can choose whatever frame color you want for the Apek Maxpad, and the color nuances seem a little bit reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia family. Since this is obviously a product at those who can afford it, and also for corporate consumers, it comes with a wide view camera for video conferences in 1920 x 1080 Full HD quality.

windows 8 smart tv

The Maxpad can be used in multiple positions, as desktop, flat table, inclined table, kiosk or straight in your wall as TV. It also comes with an Air Mouse with gyroscopic and a Mini Wireless Keyboard. The launch of these premium products are just in time for The World Cup in Brazil, but their price tags are definitely not affordable – $5,400, $9,000 and $12,000.


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