Users Start Asking for a Windows 8, 10 Wattpad App

by Radu Tyrsina
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Wattpad is a popular eReader service with millions of books available for download, so, naturally, Windows 8 users have started asking for an official app to be ported to the Windows Store. How soon that will happen – we don’t know at the moment.
wattpad windows 8 app
There are plenty of eBook reader apps in the Windows Store, such as Kobo Books, Kindle, Flipboard and others. But if you have been using Wattpad on other mobile platforms or on the web app itself, and you now own a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, then you’re probably wondering whether there’s currently an official application that you could snag from the Windows Store. That’s why some Wattpad users have been requesting for one to be released as soon as possible:

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Hello, has Wattpad considered putting up an app for Windows 8. It is known that most people buy Androids and IPhones so of course there are apps on the IOS App store and on Google Play. It is also known that there is an app for the Kindle Fire and the Blackberry App store. When are we Window 8 users going to get this beautiful app for our phones and tablets? Another thing, there is a beautiful ad to encourage people to get this app on their phone and in this ad there is an Android, an IPhone, a Kindle tablet, and a beautiful Windows 8 phone all bundled together as one. This exciting ad encouraged me to go on the Window’s 8 app store to see if there was finally an app. Once I got on, there was a Wattpad app but it was made by someone who wasn’t associated with Wattpad.

If you are looking for a reliable Wattpad app for Windows Phone 8, you can download it from here. However, we warn that it’s published by a third-party developers, so it’s not official. As for the Windows 8 platforms, I hope that Wattpad won’t ignore this anymore, as the number of Windows 8 and 8.1 users is slowly but steadily growing. This will increase especially after support for Windows XP will have ended, because that’s when many will switch to Windows 8.

Once it gets released, the official Wattpad app for Windows 8 will come with its huge collection of over 20 million free ebooks & stories that you will be able to download on your desktop and tablet devices. I own the app on Android and can say that it’s absolutely gorgeous, so it’s going to be one of the best eBooks reader apps for Windows 8 once it gets launched.

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