Official Windows 8, 10 Wikipedia App Gets Updated

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Wikipedia looks brilliant on a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 tablet, especially when you are using the free and official Windows 8 version. We have given an extensive review of the Windows 8 Wikipedia app, so go ahead and read it for more details. Now, the app has received a few updates in the Windows Store that we’re going to talk about below.
windows 8 wikipedia app
There are many Wikipedia apps in the Windows 8 Store, but there’s only one published by the Wikimedia Foundation which is the official version of Wikipedia. So, stay away for other apps, which might even charge you a few bucks. The touch app of Wikipedia for Windows 8 is completely free and receives often updates that we discover in the release notes.

Official Wikipedia App for Windows 8.1. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled. Send us your feedback on Twitter @WikimediaMobile. The code is 100% open source and community built. If you are a developer and good at JS/HTML5, then come fork us!

Windows 8 Wikipedia app now improved

According to the latest update published in the Windows Store, there has been issued a fix for the backspace problem with the search function. This is the tenth updated that it has received. If you are curious, here are all the previous updated that it has received. Most of these were requested by Wikipedia Windows 8 users themselves on the Windows Store and Wikimedia has rushed to issue bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Release 9 – new search input for Windows 8.1
  • Release 8 – fixes for intermittent crashes, HTTP support in Chinese locale
  • Release 7 – localization updates, fix for crash on ‘Read in’ when no languages available, HTML security improvements, find bar fixes, share of selected text now includes HTML
  • Release 6 – fix for locale initialization now defaults to system language, keyboard focus for scrolling, selected text may be shared out, square off tile images on hub, smart aspect ratio detection for featured image
  • Release 5 – search Wikipedia by sharing selected text from other apps like IE, search by typing, added “Find in Article”, fixed activation bugs, high-resolution tile icons, bug fixes
  • Release 4 – added privacy policy link under settings/about, dropped currently unused location permission, fix for crashing bug on launch
  • Release 3 – fix for cut-off text in articles, can switch language on hub, list recently changes articles on hub, history popup list, initial localization support, added GPL license info, fixes for snapped view, network connection errors detected, pinning disabled on hub (used to crash)

Download Wikipedia for Windows 8


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