Windows 10 Calendar UserVoice forum is gone

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Windows 10

Microsoft quietly pulled the plug on the Windows 10 Calendar Preview forum. If you wanted to let the company know what you felt about specific features of the app, you would usually go to the Outlook Feedback by UserVoice page. You cannot do that anymore since the platform is now inactive, the company announced recently.

You can provide feedback via an in-app form

The news does not mean that Microsoft is no longer interested in hearing new Calendar app enhancement ideas from users. The company is only changing the way you provide it with feedback based on your past experiences with the software.

As of 3rd March 2020, we are no longer supporting new ideas and suggestions on UserVoice. You will not be able to share new ideas to UserVoice. However, you may continue to share suggestions using the in-app form.

The Windows 10 Calendar app is one of the many that got new colorful icons as Microsoft continues to implement its fluent design ideas. If there is something you do not like about the latest appearance of this app, simply locate the feedback pane and click Share an idea.

You may then type your UX/feature improvement ideas or frustrations via the in-app form that comes up.

However, not all Windows 10 Calendar users may access this feature. So, be sure you have updated to 6005.12621.41003.0 to avoid any disappointments while attempting to share your concepts.

Microsoft has not discarded the already shared feedback

Calendar users have submitted a lot of feedback on UserVoice, touching on a broad spectrum of issues, from UI intuitiveness to synchronization with tools such as Microsoft To Do. These ideas have not gone to waste since the company says it has already processed them.

Microsoft did not give any reason for closing the Windows 10 Calendar Preview forum. To many users, however, an in-app experience may be more convenient than having to leave the Calendar app to give feedback.


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