This new Windows Core OS concept shows what the OS might look like

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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windows core OS design concept

Microsoft has reportedly been working on the much-awaited Windows Core OS (WCOS) project for the past two years. There are many speculations regarding what the new OS could look like.

Recently, Niels Laute developed a new application named ModernOS to clear the concept. This app demonstrates what you should expect in the Santorini version of Windows Core OS.

ModernOS major features

Changed Start menu position

Laute plans to improve the design by adding some more design concepts over the next few months. He revealed that the design is inspired by some leaked articles, rumours and devices including HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub 2.

If you observe closely, you’ll notice the Start menu is in the middle of the screen. Generally, all versions of Windows feature a Start menu at the lower-left corner. Many people wanted to know the reason behind this new implementation.

The new location of the Start Menu makes it easier for users to access the elements available at the four corners of the screen.

Yes, for mouse-based interfaces, the 4 corners are the easiest places to access interactive elements because you don’t need any movement accuracy. Throw the mouse blindly in any direction and you’ll hit one of those corner hotspots. That was one thing Windows 8 did really well.

Laute confirmed that this new design concept is also based on recent rumours and leaks. Surface Hub 2 might come with a similar feature.

He also added the design elements might be different for touched based devices.

Absence of Live Tiles

Many people appreciated the concept but some pointed out about the absence of Live Tiles. The developer responded that he skipped the Live Tiles because Windows Core OS may not have it either.

By the look of things, the development on Live Tiles has stopped because no new API for Live Tiles is available yet. Moreover, the feature is not available in HoloLens 2 and Surface Hub.

Interestingly, some people think that WCOS is a copy of Chrome and that is why they don’t like the concept.

This is a copy of chrome os. I don’t like it. It could be more faster and have a better performance that windows 10, but it not has identity.

How many of you are interested in this new app? You can download the app from GitHub now.