Windows Holographic to be available for Windows 10 users

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Just like everybody else, Microsoft is caught by the hype regarding virtual reality, augmented reality and other hybrids. Today it was announced that next year they will be releasing an update for the Windows 10 called Windows Holographic. It will be available to everyone who runs Windows 10 on their machines.

Currently, the company announced that they are working together with Intel in order to set the specifications needed for supporting mixed reality PCs and other displays. Terry Myerson made the announcement and said that sometime in 2017 they will be rolling out the update. However, he did not mention an exact date, but many insiders are waiting for a preview quite soon.

Myerson explained on the Windows blog that both teams are hoping to allow hardware partners to build up devices and machines for the mainstream and business consumers that would support their new technology. He also announced that they plan to officially launch the first version of the specs at a conference taking place in December in Shenzhen, namely the Windows Hardware Engineering Community.

As such, next year they intend to release the update for Windows 10, which will let regular users to run Windows Holographic and enjoy apps that will be based on mixed reality, as well as universal apps for Windows. Basically, the new update will allow multitasking in a mixed reality, mixing 2D and 3D apps simultaneously. It will also support lots of 6 degrees of freedom machines and devices, which will presumably make it even more popular.

It seems that Windows Holographic will be a cheaper option than the HoloLens intended to be consumer-friendly. Moreover, the company also revealed a video of the Holographic running on a cheap and small Intel NUC at simply 90 fps.



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