Windows Ink Workspace improved in latest Windows 10 build

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The latest Windows 10 Preview build 14965 is here. The new update brought a couple of system improvements, and new features, so if you’re a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring, you can go and download it right now.

Although Microsoft didn’t release any new Creators Update feature with this build, it continued to prepare Insiders for it. Build 14965 significantly improved Ink Workspace in Windows 10, by fixing various known bugs, and adding some new options.

Here’s the complete changelog of the update:

  • “We increased the number of Recently Used apps shown in the Windows Ink Workspace to 6, and added a link to quickly access your pen settings.

  • We’ve improved the performance of loading Sketchpad when there’s a lot of ink present on the sketch.

  • We’ve updated the new protractor, so that you can use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to shrink/expand it (depending on the direction of the scrolling).

  • We fixed an issue where, when using Sticky Notes in the Windows Ink Workspace, the background would ding when tapped.

  • We fixed an issue where inking and resizing the protractor at the same time would result in Sketchpad crashing.

  • We’ve updated the “Pen & Windows Ink” Settings for pen users to now include a link to the handwriting training tool – simply click on “Get to know my handwriting” to launch it. We’ve also improved how we learn from your handwriting samples – try it out and let us know what you think!”

As you probably know, Windows 10 Creators Update will mostly be about 3D. And since using a pen for touch-enabled devices is crucial for creating 3D content, Microsoft will make sure to provide the best possible experience for future creators.

Because of that, we should expect even more updates for the Surface Pen, Windows Ink Workspace, and other pen-related features of Windows 10 in the future builds. Microsoft has relatively enough time to prepare everything that needs to be prepared, because the Creators Update will be out in Spring 2017.



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