Windows 10 Insiders get ultra HD video library as the 4K revolution is underway

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In terms of video content and media play, 4K seems to be getting the upper hand on lower quality content playback, although in this case “lower quality” doesn’t actually mean low quality. The quite advanced image quality is however losing the battle against 4K and its superior qualities, although the differences provided by 4K technology aren’t really noticeable unless you have the hardware to match it.

That being said, Microsoft is initiating its plans to jump on the 4K hype while it’s hot. Microsoft is planning to bring 4K content for Windows Insiders through the company’s Windows 10 Movies and TV application. Available on the Windows Store, 4K video content will be available for download and then played on various devices. While some might prefer using this feature on Windows 10, others would enjoy the content more if played from their Xbox console. The option is there regardless, as per Microsoft’s continuous efforts to unify the Windows 10 computer platform with the Xbox gaming platform.

A video cloud platform is also in the works, and will help users better sync their video collection across all available platforms. This comes as a great addition to the Microsoft services family and will only add to the overall quality of the company’s upcoming 4K endeavors.

It is also worth keeping in mind that 4K will literally become the standard, as a new addition to the video library will be listed as 4K by default. If you purchase the content or rent it without looking into additional settings, you will receive the ultra HD, 4K version. This might not be compatible with your device of choice. All purchases and rents will be executed from Microsoft’s Movies and TV service.

Once the feature demonstrates that it can perform well with the Windows Insider program, it will be announced and launched for the live version of Windows 10 (and afferent Xbox platform).



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