Microsoft is not releasing a lightweight OS any time soon

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Windows Lite will publicly release next year

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Microsoft is currently working on Windows Lite to power low-specs systems and dual-screen devices. However, it appears that the company is not yet ready to release this OS version.

A recent tweet by Tom Warren revealed that Microsoft is not going to announce any new version of Windows at the Build Developer Conference scheduled from May 6 to May 8 next month.

Most Windows users were hopeful that Microsoft would launch Core OS and Windows Lite at this major event. Build 2019 Developer Conference is an important event for the software developers that is held every year.

This event has a tendency to grab the attention of software developers as far as the app development is concerned. 

Windows Lite likely to land in 2020

The news disappointed many users who were eagerly waiting for the Windows Lite release. A user commented in response to the tweet.

Just hope it doesn’t gets cancelled over time like other products.

As mentioned above, Microsoft is still working on Windows Lite OS. It is worth waiting for a bug-free version that should not spoil the first impression of the operating systems.

Microsoft is currently testing Windows Lite on Surface Pro 6, Surface Go and other models. If the company works at this pace, we can expect a public release in 2020.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft wants to achieve some important milestones before going for a public release. The big M wants Windows Lite to support the new Chromium-based Edge. But this is not possible until Microsoft has finished working on its Win32 compatibility program. 

Microsoft has been trying very hard to develop a Lite form of Windows OS. Apparently, the company was unsuccessful in its efforts.

Windows Lite OS is expected to run Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). 



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