Latest Windows 7, 8 & RT Patches Cause Many Bugs and Issues

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We recently reported on Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday updates and now we’re back to inform you that some of this patches, are actually botched, carrying with them a lot of bugs and errors that are yet to receive some official fixes. Some experts in this field, such as InfoWorld’s Woody Leonhard, claim that these patching problems “have hit a new low”. Let’s see why.

Furthermore, the same expert calls them in “desperate need of attention”. But he is not the only to have reported them, as a various number of other blogs and forums have observes similar issues. However, these are local and individual issues, so not all of us will have the same errors. For example, on my Windows 8 computer, I only detected a single problem with the MS 13-052 which should actually take care of some serious security holes inside the .Net Framework and Silverlight.

windows 8 patch

Users have also reported having issues with the MS 13-052 update with the Configuration Manager 2012, ConfigMgr 2007 and the plug-ins that rnu under Microsoft CRM 2011.

Important Windows patches come half-baked, bring many bugs and errors

Here are some other Windows patches along with their description that still seem to be causing various bugs and errors. Most of them affect mainly Windows 7 and Windows 8, but other software from Microsoft is also “suffering”.

  • MS 13-057/KB 2803821 [Windows 7, Windows 8]: affects Windows Media videos, with black bands that appear on top. Also, people have reported crashing issues with the following software: Adobe Premier Pro CS6, Camtasia Studio 8.1, and Serif MoviePlus X6.
  • KB 2821895 [ Windows 8/Windows RT]: creates false System File Checker reports
  • MS 13-052/KB 2840628 [Microsoft CRM 2011] : causes problems with Configuration Manager 2012 and ConfigMgr 2007. The official issue is describe by Microsoft “database replication between sites (CAS/Primary/Secondary) with SQL 2012 will fail” and “Software Update point synchronization may fail at the end of the sync process.”
  • KB 2821895 [Windows 8/Windows RT]: causes issues with the System File Checker. If you will run an sfc /scannow command the your PC will freeze for up to 10 minutes, and will generatebogus error messages.

The above mentioned issues will affect mainly IT experts, but also simple users that might not type in geeky commands but they’ll definitely watch some movies on their Windows Media videos. If you are insterested in discovering more about the issues, do research further on the following websites:

Let us now if you are experiencing some issues and we’ll be quick to alert the community and maybe we’ll find a fix together to your problem or, at least, notify Microsoft.


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