New Windows PGO function improves Chrome performance by a whopping 15%

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In an effort to improve performance and make its browser faster, Google has begun using some new functions that have just appeared. The release of Chrome 53 from Google marks the beginning of a new standard of browser functionality thanks to Microsoft’s PGO technology (PGO stands for Profile Guided Optimization).

What this technology does is have your browser track what functions are being used followed by the part of the process where the profile guided optimization actually takes place. What this does is segregate constantly used functions from functions that are barely used at all. Also, the browser’s memory location receives an optimization during this process.

While Google Chrome is recognized as the fastest browser available, it’s pointless to argue that there are times when even Google Chrome can feel a tag sluggish or not up to par with user standards. Google is trying to better themselves by using this new technology, and in the wake of its first set of results, they can deem their mission of improving speed and performance quite successful.

As per testing, it is shown that while using the Profile Guided Optimization function, Google Chrome has been able to achieve a total increase of 14.8% in speed when it comes to the loading time the browser requires for opening a new tab page.

While testing the loading time necessary for the browser to load a page, improvements dictate that PGO has managed to make Chrome 5.9% faster than before.

Last but not least, we have startup time. When it comes to the time it takes the browser to start, Chrome has registered speed improvements of 16.8% since using PGO.

The conclusion cannot be anything else but generous with the PGO technology, which managed to improve the Google Chrome speed by quite the margin.



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