Microsoft axes the Windows Phone messaging apps

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The Microsoft Windows Phone flopped. So it is not a big surprise that the company is now pulling the axe on its enterprise messaging apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue support for the Yammer, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams apps.

Microsoft made the announcement just less than a month before it pulls the axe on the apps. The enterprise apps will no longer be available for download from May 20, 2018. Furthermore, the company is not providing further updates for those apps.

That does not necessarily mean you cannot still utilize some of the apps on Windows Phone. Microsoft has confirmed that Yammer and Skype for Business apps might still work ok. However, Microsoft Teams will certainly not work after May 20.

Microsoft is still investing in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business apps on the iOS and Android platforms. As such, the company suggests that you switch to the iOS or Android enterprise app alternatives. Alternatively, you can utilize the enterprise desktop client apps within Windows.

This announcement is further proof, if it was ever needed, that Microsoft is now winding down Windows Phone. However, that does not mean that Windows Phone users should ditch their mobiles just yet. Microsoft’s Mr. Belfiore stated: “Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features aren’t the focus.

Nevertheless, Microsoft might still have a new phone up its sleeve. It has been widely speculated that the company will launch a Surface Phone. The inclusion of new APIs for cellular phones in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview (for the fall Redstone 5 update) further highlights that a new Microsoft phone device might see the light of day before the end of this year. Microsoft’s CEO, Mr. Nadella, also stated, “I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.

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So another Microsoft mobile device might still be in the pipeline, which could be a notable alternative to Android and iOS phones. You can check out this post for further details about current and future Windows mobiles.

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