Windows Phone’s keyboard is set to reach Windows 10 PCs soon

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft is finally bringing the popular Windows Phone WordFlow keyboard to devices running Windows 10 including tablets and PCs.

The new keyboard for tablet users

The brand new keyboard in Windows 10 is mainly targeted at tablet users who use the on-screen keyboard for text input on their tablets running Windows 10. The latest keyboard in Windows 10 will support swipe input, similar to the Windows Phone keyboard.

The accidentally-released Windows 10 internal build 16212 reveals exciting new features

The information on when the new keyboard’s date of release is still not known, but Microsoft has already announced some of the components related to the keyboard in its latest builds of Windows 10.

The accidentally released build that reached the Windows Insiders a little while ago actually includes a few new features on both the front and back end.

Microsoft fan WalkingCat was the one that analyzed the accidental released latest build for Windows 10 and posted on his Twitter account most of the features that it will include.

It seems that the latest build includes even components of the Composable Shell (CShell) the company has been working on for quite a while now. One of these elements is the TextInput, the very keyboard that will be release to devices running Windows 10.

Speculation on the keyboard

After WalkingCat posted that the latest build for Windows 10 would bring the ComposableShell TextInput component and be based on SwiftKey on his Twitter, users have started to comment and revealing more information.

It seems that the brains of SwiftKey will be the Fluency Prediction Engine, as build 16212 includes the file FluencyDS.dll and the Fluency folder in System32. Some users are showing their disappointment, saying that word flow on Windows 10 Mobile is quite weak when compared to the Windows 8.1 word flow.


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