HP finds Windows Phone to be more secure than Android

by Radu Tyrsina
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hp claims windows is safer than android

There is no denying, that Android has set its roots deep in the high-tech handset market. The fact has also helped Google’s platform to achieve a market share that’s over 80 percent.

But apparently, the stats weren’t enough for HP to make them reconsider their choice of switching over to Windows phones. The manufacturer now supports their decision as to why they chose this route. Despite all the huge string of setbacks that you get while using Windows 10 Mobile.

Why opt for Windows 10?

HP stated that their primary concern is always enhanced security, as the company wanted the Elite X3 to be a device that excels in this regard. Which apparently, they found the lack of in Android phones. The popularity of an OS largely compromises its security and makes it vulnerable to breaches. The more famous it gets, the more potential it will attract.

HP backed their claims via slideshows, which showed that Windows 10 Mobile is much more secure than Android. Moreover, the company also mentioned the Android disintegration as one of the reasons to switch over to Microsoft’s mobile Operating system.


According to HP, Android phones are prone to 75,000 threats. At least that they know of. They also showed a graph, suggesting  how fragmented the operating system actually is, with 36 percent of devices still running KitKat.

Apart from security concerns, HP also mentions portability as one of the commendable features of Microsoft’s OS. This includes the Universal Windows Platform as well as Continuum.

Another factor that catches HP’s attention are the universal apps, which Microsoft has been working on these days. The lack of apps is not a matter of concern for the platform. Since the essential apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are already available on the platform.

HP also points out the legacy app virtualization and compatibility with existing infrastructure. These are two major reasons for choosing Windows 10 Mobile over Android.

But, despite HP’s several claims, Windows 10 still can not be deemed as a flawless Operating System. It just means that there are several advantages the platform has over other mobile operating systems.

2016 has been particularly an unfortunate year for Windows. While several big names drawing the support of their apps from the OS, it is good to see Microsoft has at least some partners who are committed to working with them.

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